Nurse Call Systems

What is a nurse call system?

At MCC Security Solutions we can install your nurse call system. A nurse call system consists of various components, software and hardware.

A nurse call button is a button or cord found in hospitals and nursing homes, where patients are at their most vulnerable, such as at their beside and in the bathroom.

It allows patients n health care settings to remotely alert a nurse or other health care personnel of their need for help. When the button is pressed, a signal alerts staff at the nurse's station, and usually, a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.

Typically nurse call buttons send a beep or buzz to the nurse station, this is logged on the hardware and software at the nurse call station, requiring a staffer to actually visit the patient's room to determine the patient's needs.

The call button provides the following benefits to patients:

The call button can also be used by a health care staff member already with the patient to call for another assistant when such assistance is needed, or by visitors to call for help on behalf of the patient.

The most basic system has nothing more than a button for the patient. When the button is pressed, nursing staff is alerted by a light and/or an audible sound at the nurse's station. This can only be turned off from the patient's bedside, thereby compelling staff to respond to the patient.

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