Intercom Systems and Gate Motors

At MCC Security Solutions we like to encourage communication. Every day we need to provide answers to questions and requests, and all we need is a device called an Intercom System.

An intercom is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a house, building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently. Intercoms are generally mounted permanently in buildings and at gate stations. This allows you to communicate with people inside or outside a building without being physically present, almost like a free telephone call.

An intercom allows the users to communicate with or without danger of being physically present, so we know how to handle the question/request.

For someone without access control, they still have the means of communications at their disposal, to be guided in the right direction before they are turned away. For the controller this allows them to have a secure and undisrupted environment, but always having a form of communication before access is granted.

There are simple house intercoms and intercoms developed for business.

Many schools and office buildings now use audio / video systems to identify visitors trying to gain access to a locked building. Thiese intercom systems can be interfaced with the building's access control system.

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