Electric Fencing and Fencing

Electric Fencing Is Essentially Your First Line of Defence, and When Installed and Maintained Correctly, It Is Your Most Valuable Security Measure.

MCC Security Solutions install and maintain various types of electric fencing, including;

Your electric fencing can be incorporated with the following forms of Steelwork Fencing:

At MCC Security Solutions, we offer maintenance/service level agreements which ensure your fence is kept in quality working condition, free from vegetation and natural elements.

This is definitely a consideration which large estates/ properties should consider as it has a direct impact on the longevity of the fence.

A well maintained fence has the following benefits:

The owner takes the security of their premises seriously, and should an intruder still decide to trespass, they can be certain that there are other security measures in place. An intruder can easily be spotted should an alarm or incident occur. It avoids panic and worry caused by false alarms if the fence is electrified. Ensures the longevity of your investment, as any debris/vegetation over time causes small components of the fence to rust and malfunction.

Electric fences are used to enhance the security of sensitive areas, such as:

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