Do you need to protect your business, emplyees, customers by having systems in place to mitigate Covid-19?


What can MCC offer you business?

• Fever thermal detection cameras.
• Fever thermal detection cameras withfacial recognition.
• Access Control Systems which detect facial and fever conditions.
• Walk through metal detectors with fever and facial technology
• Thermographic hand held fever scanners with portable camera and recording capabilities of video iamge and data of the specific person

We are able to ofer affordable rental options from R1000 per month so that you can hold onto that important cash flow and still be compliant.

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How can our thermal detection systems help?

Highly Effective

Our thermal temperature detection systems are highly effective and can measure within 0.3 degrees variation of temperature. This is critical for early identification.

Limiting Contact

Real-time video streaming. Users will have non-contact, fas pass, multi-person fever detection solutions, ideal for remote locations and limiting human contact.

Audio & Visual Alerts

HD Images can be provided and sound alarms can be triggered when a specific temperature threshold is exceeded.

Centralised or Standalone

Suitable for all locations, our systems can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network of systems.

Post Covid-19

The solutions have further uses beyond Covid-19 for security surveillance, health and safety and time accumulation for payroll.