Data Cabling:

At MCC Security Solutions we understand the importance of your network infrastructure.

In today’s world your business network is the backbone to your company, whether it be for your internet, servers, telephones, security and more. Through our years of experience, we have LAN set-up and configure the expertise to install your network.

As we can create our own independent network for your IP CCTV, we have been requested by many IT departments to supply and install data cabling, cabinets, switches and uninterrupted power supplies and peripherals.

Fibre Optic Backbone:

MCC Security Solutions can also provide and install your fibre optic backbone through which your network will operate. We have successfully installed fibre optic systems for companies which require networks over a long distance. Some of these networks have been operating trouble-free for over 20 years.

Server Rooms, Raised Flooring, Termination points and data poles:

We specialise in installation of full networks with new server rooms including raised flooring, UPS and termination points at desks.


We have proven work ethic, reputation and expertise.

MCC Security Solutions is your “go to” company when it comes to electronic security and data cabling. We are trusted by many IT departments to fulfil their requirements alongside the IT infrastructure.

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