MCC Security Solutions is a trusted and leading electronic security installer based in Gauteng and currently servicing clients in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and Port Elizabeth.

Our aim is to secure your environment for your safety and reduce the risk of theft, loss or damage to your assets.

Why do I need alarm systems?

Well its simple – we live in a society where we are in constant threat of home and business invasions and burglaries.

Do you know who will be there to take care of your assets when you’re out?

At MCC Security Solutions, we provide and install effective intruder detection alarm systems to ensure the safety of your assets and premises when you’re not there.

As an accredited supplier and installer of all major intruder detection systems, we provide early warning intruder detection which can mean the difference between life and death, or a huge stock loss.

We install complete alarm systems using motion detectors, infrared beams, as well as door and window contacts which are connected to a siren which will be activated when an intruder is detected.

Did you know that a small motion detector can be added to your gate motor and linked to your alarm panel? Yes, this can be done and before an intruder even moves your gate the alarm can be triggered to alert your armed response.

Our intruder alarm systems are an effective way to deter intruders, startle the intruder, alert the owner and the neighbours and can also be linked to monitoring systems where an armed response team can respond to a problem.

Home alone and you do not want to activate the entire alarm system?

Our intruder alarm systems let you decide which zones you would like to activate while you relax comfortably on the couch, or when you and the kids are sound asleep at night.

Our team of highly qualified technicians carefully position and place all intruder alarm systems ensuring that they are best suited to the environment. What is more, we offer maintenance on all intruder alarm systems ensuring your assets, be it your business or you family, are well protected.

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